History allows you to view and restore the operations that you performed. The two possible maintenance actions are the backup or delete of driver family entries. Each maintenance action automatically stores information about the driver family entries in history items, but the information that is stored depends on the type of maintenance action. The backup maintenance action only contains information about the backed up driver family entries, whereas the delete maintenance action additionally includes information about the deleted driver family entries.

Select a history item from the list and click restore to restore the backed up driver family entries. If you selected multiple driver families for a maintenance action, you can change the driver family that is to be restored by clicking on view and then on the name of the driver family.


Changing the driver family that will be restored.

You can delete any history item from the list by selecting the history item and then clicking delete. History items can be quite large for some driver families (such as the NVIDIA display drivers), but deleting a history item results in the inability to restore the backed up driver family entries.

With report you can create a printable HTML report of the selected history item. The report contains a detailed list of all the files, registry keys, folders, etc that were influenced by the action that was undertaken for the selected history item. It can be viewed with any internet browser, so Driver Fusion is not required to view the history item, which makes is easier to share with others (e.g. when asking for help or feedback).

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