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Driver family enables you to backup and delete the software and driver entries, such as files and registry keys, that were installed by a vendor installer. Driver families got their name because all driver versions of a certain type and vendor are combined into one driver group, lets say one big family. For example all NVIDIA display drivers are combined into a NVIDIA family in the display category. Each driver family belongs to a certain category to make it easier to find amongst all the other driver families. Driver family lists all the different driver families by default and does not distinguish between unused and used drivers. Driver families are especially useful when you are updating a driver or changing a device.

Driver families
Driver family contains dynamic and pre-defined driver families to provide fast and easy removal. Each driver family contains a list of possible entries that a driver can use (such as files, directories, registry keys and registry values). These entries include additional features such as process and service removal and vendor uninstall support. You can either backup or delete the entries for the selected driver family.

Select the driver family that you want to delete and 1 click delete. 2 Clicking on details allows experienced users to view and select the individual entries before the delete or backup is executed. The details option is only available in the 3 details view. Backups are automatically created when you use delete and can be restored in history.


Deleting a driver family.

Installed driver families
You can also choose to view only the installed driver families on your system by 4 clicking all driver families and then on installed driver families. Driver family will now automatically search for driver families that have any entries available on your system.

This functionality is only available for Driver Fusion Premium users.


Driver family detecting the installed driver families.

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