Desktop helps you to backup and restore the desktop icon positions and resolution of each screen. This information is stored in desktop items. Desktop always lists all previously created desktop items, sorted from new to old. Multi-monitors are supported for both desktop icon layout and screen resolution.

Backup icons and resolution
Creating a backup at the right time can prevent you from having to spend a lot of time in reorganizing desktop icons. To create a new desktop item, click backup. Desktop items are automatically created when a driver family that belongs to the display category is deleted (requires Driver Fusion Premium). Most other driver family categories do not cause a change in desktop icon layout or screen resolution.

Restore icons and resolution
Select a desktop item from the list and click restore to restore your desktop icon layout and screen resolution to that moment in time.


Restoring a desktop item.

Delete a desktop backup
You can delete any desktop item from the list by selecting the desktop backup and then clicking delete. Desktop items are very small so it is not worth deleting desktop backups to save disk space.

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