Settings enables you to view and change your preferences. The settings are best suited to experienced users, as the default settings are set just right for most situations.


1 - Opens the about dialog with information such as the credits and version number.

- Creates a diagnostics report to help us troubleshoot. You can send it to us if you need our help.

3 - Change the interface language used by the application.

4 - If the application should automatically update to the latest version. If you disable this setting then you have to manually click on update.

5 - If preview versions of the application should be included in the update. This should only be enabled by experienced users.


1 - Change when notifications appear, such as when the application is minimized.

2 - Change which notifications appear, such as when a device gets connected to your hotspot.

3 - If you want the application to automatically start on Windows login.

4 - If you want to automatically start the last used hotspot or repeater when the application is started. It will only start when the last used network adapter is still connected to the same network, unless you've selected Automatic Internet Connection Sharing in Wi-Fi hotspot.

- If your computer should be prevented from going into sleep when a hotspot or repeater is started.

6 - Allows you to uninstall and install the network driver used by the application. This should only be used by experienced users.