Wi-Fi repeater enables you to repeat an existing wireless network and extend its range. If you're connected to a network, you can start the repeater to immediately boost its signal strength and range. It can help you to connect all your devices to Wi-Fi with a reliable connection. If you make changes here, they will be remembered as best as possible when you restart the application.

Starting a repeater

The most likely network 1 that you want to repeat will be selected first.

If you're using multiple network adapters that are connected to the same network, you can also change which network adapter you want to repeat the network from.

Firewall options

With the firewall options you can change whether you want to allow or deny traffic to the connected devices. These settings are automatically applied to each connected device.

You can use 1 to block annoying and unwanted ads on devices that are connected to your hotspot. Blocking advertisements is always applied to each device. With 2 and 3, you can decide whether you want devices to have access to your local network and internet by default. Within devices, you can also change internet and network access per device.