The FAQ contains the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Driver Fusion.

How do I create an account?

You can create an account by clicking sign in at the top-right corner of the Driver Fusion interface, followed by the create a new account link. An easy to use guide to assist you with creating an account can be found on the order assistance page.

I forgot which email address I used.

If you do not remember the email address of your account anymore, you can try finding the Welcome to Treexy email by searching for Treexy in your email client.

In case you no longer have the email it is best that you contact us so that we can manually look up the email address for you. Please provide as much information as possible, such as your date of purchase, payment method and order id.

How do I verify my account?

When you create a new account you will receive an email containing a verification code. Driver Fusion will automatically take you to the verification screen where you can fill in the verification code from the email. The easiest way is to copy and paste the verification code from the email into the verification code field. If you are not currently at the verification screen you can click on sign in, followed by the verify your account link.

Please note that an order for Driver Fusion Premium also contains a product code. The product code is not the same as the verification code so make sure not to mix both codes up. A verification code will look similar to 34DE3, whereas a product code will look similar to CAFB-ACB8-2EF5-43C8.

I did not receive a verification email.

First of all check your spam folder, it might be there. It may take some time to receive the verification email but it should not take much longer than 30 minutes. Regularly it takes mere seconds for the email to be delivered.

Make sure that you type your email address correctly before registering, as most problems are caused by typing mial instead of mail or co instead of com. If you are sure that you typed the correct email address then you can use Driver Fusion to send the verification email again. Otherwise, you can try to register a second time before you contact us.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password when you sign in to Driver Fusion. Click on your name at the top-right corner of the Driver Fusion interface and click account. On the account screen you can click the change your password link.

I forgot my password.

Driver Fusion will show an error message and give you the option to reset your password when you enter an incorrect password. Make sure the email is typed correctly so that a temporary password can be sent to your address.

I cannot sign in.

If you are absolutely sure that your email address and password combination is correct and you still get an error message it usually means that Driver Fusion cannot reach the server to sign in. Sign in will not succeed without internet access.

The main reason that Driver Fusion does not have access to the internet is because of a firewall that blocks the connection. Microsoft explains how to add a program to the Windows Firewall in Allow a program to communicate through Windows Firewall.

I'm already signed in elsewhere?

This usually means that your last session is still active on the server, which makes the server assume you are already signed in. The server corrects itself within a 10 minute time frame so make sure to wait a couple of minutes before you try again.

If the problem does not resolve itself you can also consider if your account might be in use by someone else. Please contact us if you suspect that this is the case.

How do I activate Driver Fusion Premium?

When you order Driver Fusion Premium you will receive an email containing a product code. You can activate Driver Fusion Premium by clicking on your name at the top-right corner of the Driver Fusion interface and clicking on activate a product. You will be prompted to enter the product code. The easiest way is to copy and paste the product code from the email into the product code field. An easy to use guide to assist you with activating Driver Fusion Premium can be found on the order assistance page.

Please note that the email sent after creating an account also contains a verification code. The product code is not the same as the verification code so make sure not to mix both codes up. A verification code will look similar to 34DE3, whereas a product code will look similar to CAFB-ACB8-2EF5-43C8.

Do I need to enter the product code again?

No, you only have to activate Driver Fusion Premium once. If you install Driver Fusion again you can sign in with the account you previously used to activate Driver Fusion Premium. 

Why does it say that the product code has already been used for the allowed number of activations?

Most product codes can only be coupled to an account once (one activation). So if Driver Fusion tells you that the product code has already been used for the allowed number of activations it means that the product code has already been used for a different account and can not be coupled to other accounts anymore.

Reuse the existing account(s) and sign in with the account that was used to originally activate the product code to regain access to Driver Fusion Premium functionality.

Is it allowed to use Driver Fusion Premium on multiple computers?

This depends on your license:

  • 1 device users can install Driver Fusion Premium on one computer only. Uninstalling and installing on another computer is only allowed when you upgrade to a new computer and uninstall Driver Fusion Premium from your previous computer.
  • Up to 10 devices users can install Driver Fusion Premium on up to 10 devices, as long as the devices are located within the same household.
  • Steam users can install Driver Fusion Premium on any device where they are signed in with their Steam account. The devices do not have to be located at the same location.

Account sharing is not allowed with any license.

Where can I download Driver Fusion Premium?

With your order you receive a private download link to an advertisement free installer of the latest version of Driver Fusion. This link is active for one week only (the expiration date is mentioned in the order email), so make sure to download and backup the installer. The private download link will be available longer than one week in case you also ordered Online File Backup Protection.

Apart from being advertisement free, the private installer is identical to the installer of the free version. If you are unable to find your local copy and your private download link has expired, you can always download the latest installer of the free version.

Will I receive Driver Fusion Premium on DVD?

Driver Fusion Premium is released as a digital download but can be also ordered on DVD. You will receive Driver Fusion Premium on DVD in case you order (or have ordered) a Backup CD of your Purchase.

Is there a portable edition of Driver Fusion?

There is no portable edition available for download but Driver Fusion is developed with portability in mind. You can copy the installation folder to achieve the same effect.

I deleted a driver family but there are still some entries left?

There are some cases that require additional attention. Some parts of drivers can only be deleted when Windows is rebooted or they require even more advanced actions and complicated system calls. Make sure that you enable the force to delete the entries from your system option in the settings to safely remove all entries of the drivers. This option enables the Enhanced Removal Mode feature that is part of Driver Fusion Premium and is enabled by default.

With this feature enabled, Driver Fusion asks the user to confirm a reboot if it is necessary to delete the remaining entries. Driver Fusion will automatically delete the entries that were left the next time that Windows is being started.

Do I need to run Windows in safe mode?

No, Driver Fusion is able to perform all operations without the need to run in safe mode.

I have missing drivers but no update?

It is possible that Driver Fusion will detect that a device is missing drivers but does not know about any valid driver for that device. Usually this is because the device is rare and Driver Fusion has simply not encountered it, or its drivers, before. In most cases the overall system functions properly with the missing driver which means that the missing driver can be ignored.

You can learn more about the device by looking it up with device control. Use device control's device identifier functionality or search manually online for the listed hardware id with a search engine such as Tip, use device control's search field to easily find the device from the scan.

Why does my virus scanner say that your installer is a threat?

Driver Fusion does of course not contain malicious threats but please make sure that you download it from trusted sources such as Treexy websites. Before releasing a new installer we test with most common antivirus programs to make sure that no false positives arise. There are two common causes that make certain programs return a false positive:

  1. The free version of Driver Fusion includes the OpenCandy advertising platform in the installer which is returned as a result in scans of certain antivirus programs but the platform itself is not malicious. For more information about OpenCandy, and an advertisement free installer, take a look at our third party offers page.
  2. Treexy uses algorithms that rewrite Driver Fusion's code for the installer to make is harder to crack and share illegally. A side effect of this is that some antivirus programs have a hard time reading the code and assume the worst when they can not analyze it fully.

If you are already using the advertisement free installer and your antivirus software is still finding issues then take a screenshot and please contact us so that we can try and find the cause.

I bought premium but the buy premium banner is still visible?

The buy premium banner is only shown when you do not have access to premium functionality. To access premium functionality you need to sign in with your Treexy account for which you activated the product code that you received with your order. Either you are not signed in at all or you have signed in with a Treexy account that does not have a Driver Fusion Premium license associated with it.

For help with account registration and product activation please take a look at the order assistance page.

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