We accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, iDeal, and Sofort. You can find all accepted payment methods while ordering a product through our shop.

No, you're only charged once. If your license has expired, you have to buy a new license yourself.

Unlike most companies, we offer the possibility to refund purchases made through our shop. All our products come with a 30-day refund policy, starting at the time of purchase. The full amount, minus a 5% administrative fee charged by our reseller, will be returned to you.

You must contact us within this period for a refund to be considered. Please include your name, order id, and a reason so we can assess your refund request. This helps us to improve our products and find better ways of serving our customers. If you made a purchase through Steam, you must contact their support for refunds.

We reserve the right to refuse to do business with customers who abuse our refund policy.

The terms below apply to personal usage only. An altered case applies to business users, please refer to the commercial or business use terms.
Furthermore, account sharing is not allowed with any license.

1 device license
You may use the application only on one device at a time. You must uninstall the application before using it on another device. From then on, you may never use the application on the previous device. If you want to use the application on more than one device (for example, a desktop and a laptop), you must purchase another license.

5 devices license
You may use the application on up to 5 devices at a time. If you've used the application on 5 devices, you can uninstall the application from one of the devices. From then on, you may never use the application on the previous device.

Steam license
You may use the application on any device as long as you're signed in with your Steam account. You can only have one active session per Steam account.

If you want to use our applications in your business, you always need a license. The free editions may not be used. We provide custom orders for businesses, the commercial licenses have few limitations and are reasonably priced. We can always help you find the best package to suit your needs, so be sure to contact us.

The licenses that are sold through our shop are for personal use only. It's not allowed to use these licenses in a business environment and attempting to do so will result in your account being blocked.

Yes, our shop is regularly audited to ensure it's fully PCI compliant. This security standard guards against fraud and protects your data as vital information, such as credit cards, is not stored and therefore cannot be stolen.

We also employ SSL certificates that meet the highest standards to secure every purchase. An SSL certificate establishes a private communication channel, enabling encryption of your data during transmission.

We use FastSpring as a reseller, so you'll be making a payment to us through FastSpring. They will safely process your payment and send the products that you ordered. They're fully authorized by us to operate as a reseller.