Introduction to Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (TAC) are specified for you by Treexy V.O.F., located at Beiehôf 1, 9041GG in Berltsum, Friesland, The Netherlands (weus, ourTreexy).

Treexy Websites, Treexy Software and Treexy Services are subject to the following TAC. The most current version of the TAC can be reviewed by visiting this page directly, clicking on the Terms and Conditions hypertext link located at the bottom of the Treexy Website or by using the Terms and Conditions button in the About section of Treexy Software.

Specific clauses may be applicable to (1) specific content made available by Treexy Services, (2) specific content, information or material uploaded, send, publicized or submitted through Treexy Services by you, and (3) transaction concluded through Treexy Services. Such specific clauses may apply in addition to these TAC or, when and to the extent that they are expressly specified, may supersede these TAC.


This glossary describes the term descriptions used in the Treexy Terms and Conditions.

Treexy Account Any account registered either through Treexy Software or the Treexy Website. This does not include the forum registration, which is a separate account.
Treexy Services All the automated information processing systems provided by Treexy. This includes Treexy SoftwareTreexy Account, Treexy Websites and the information systems located at Treexy such as the registration, payment, customer and validation systems. These information systems are in turn used by Treexy Software and Treexy Websites to provide their functionality.
Treexy Software All software products that are available through the Treexy Website.
Treexy Store The Treexy store and all of its subpages as provided by FastSpring located at the domain
Treexy Websites Encompasses all Treexy websites, including, but not limited to, the Treexy Website, Treexy Forum, Treexy Blog, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.
Treexy Website All the pages located at
Third Party Wares Any product, software or other, that is not made by Treexy. All Treexy products state in About that they are copyrighted by Treexy and can always be downloaded from the Treexy Website.
TAC Stands for Terms and Conditions. This refers to the Terms and Conditions document of which this Glossary section is a part of.
V.O.F. Stands for Vennootschap Onder Firma. Treexy is a Dutch company which is registered as a partnership at the KvK.
KvK Stands for Kamer van Koophandel. The KvK is the chamber of commerce in The Netherlands.


By having access to or using Treexy Services you are explicitly accepting the TAC and all the terms and conditions that are stated or referenced to here, on any additional terms and conditions stated on Treexy Websites, or explicitly mentioned to you by Treexy Services. If you don't agree with the TAC you should not use or access any of the Treexy Services.

Modification of Terms

These TAC can be changed at any time by Treexy. The modified TAC are effective upon posting. By visiting or using Treexy Services after the posting of the modified TAC you will be deemed to have accepted these changes. You are advised to view the TAC before use of Treexy Services.

Treexy reserves the right to discontinue Treexy Websites and notifications of changes and updates pertaining to Treexy Services and the TAC without prior notice.

Privacy Policy

All personal information acquired or collected by Treexy Services are necessary to provide the Treexy Services that you request. Treexy does not sell, rent, or lease personal information of any kind to third parties.

Collected information is stored in a secure private database in order to provide you secure access to Treexy Services and allows us to analyze the usage of Treexy Services, provide support, and document transactions and communications for tax and/or legal purposes. Analysis of the collected data allows Treexy to maintain and/or improve the compatibility, stability and performance of current and future Treexy Services.

Treexy collects the data that is actively requested of the user, such as an email address upon registration, but also passive information, such as information that is automatically sent by your computer and browser while you visit Treexy Websites.

We collect the following types of information:

All information requested by Treexy Services upon registration is stored, including any optional fields. Depending on the Treexy Services used this may include information such as the first name, last name, username, password, email address and registration date.

Web usage
Requests made to Treexy Services are stored, this includes:

  • The information that is being passed along by the browser's user agent, such as your kind of browser and operating system.
  • The origin of the request, this includes the IP address of the requesting machine, originating country and time.
  • The link that redirected the user to our site, usually through the HTTP referrer.
  • The screen resolution of the requesting client.
  • The path (URL) of the content, such as the page or file, that is being requested.

After careful consideration the Piwik Open Analytics Platform was chosen as the analytics platform for Treexy Websites. The Piwik software and its data is hosted on our own servers and helps us processes the information listed above. For more information about privacy in Piwik, visit the Piwik privacy page.

Some Treexy Websites use HTTP cookies to store temporary session state information on your hard drive. All data stored in the cookies is only used to provide basic functionality of Treexy Websites. For example, when a user signs in on the forum, a cookie is created so that the user does not need to sign in again if it comes back within a certain period of time.

We encourage you to provide us with feedback in the form of emails, forum posts or web forms. Treexy values your feedback and stores all information submitted by you for future reference. All information is archived or deleted as necessary or upon request by you.

Driver Fusion
Device and driver information is submitted anonymously to our server so that Driver Fusion can provide you with correct information and updates for your specific hardware in turn, this includes information from:

  • Your computer, such as the model, manufacturer, operating system and operating system language.
  • Your devices and their drivers, such as the hardware identifiers, description, manufacturer, version, release date, files and class identifiers.

All collected information is necessary to correctly identify a unique device and its driver for the unique system composition that you are using. Driver Fusion provides a setting to disable reporting this anonymous information to Treexy. If this setting is disabled the information is not stored on our server and is limited to what is necessary for a feature to function correctly.


Treexy gives no guarantees or statements that Treexy Websites (1) meet your requirements, (2) will be uninterrupted, secure, or error free, or (3) that the results, including all information and materials, that can be obtained from the use of Treexy Websites are accurate, complete, trustworthy or otherwise meet your requirements.

Treexy is not liable for interruptions or omissions in internet, network or hosting services and does not warrant that the Treexy Services are free of viruses or other harmful elements.

Treexy Websites are public so your user content does not have any protection of confidentiality. Do not place any confidential information on Treexy Websites.

Downloading or otherwise obtaining material through the use of Treexy Services is at your own risk. You are responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data resulting from the downloading of such materials.


Access to specific features of Treexy Services sometimes requires registration. This registration is free of charge.

Most Treexy Services are compatible with and require a Treexy Account. When you register a Treexy account, you have to fill in an email address, password, first name and last name. The information you enter should be valid, working and contain up to date information. Email addresses need to be unique and can only be used once. When an email address is already in use you will be prompted to use another email address. Treexy will send a confirmation email once all the registration information has been submitted. This confirmation email contains the information that was submitted by you and a verification code which is used to verify the email address the first time you sign in. Some Treexy Services have their own separate registration process but are still subject to the TAC as stated here.

You alone are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and limiting the access to your computer(s) and the Treexy Services used by you. You are responsible for any and all activities that take place under your account, email address and/or password that are consequences of your behavior, inaction or negligence.

If you suspect that your account has been compromised in any way then you should change your password immediately and contact Treexy by using the contact information on the contact page. Treexy reserves the right to (1) disable or remove any account suspected of abuse or inactivity, (2) reject the registration of a specific e-mail service or ISP as it sees fit.

Billing and Payment

Some, or parts of, Treexy Services require a payment to gain access to certain features. Access to these features can be gained by purchasing the corresponding product from the Treexy Store.

All transactions are processed by our reseller, FastSpring, for an easy and secure transfer. Once the payment is made you will be redirected to the Treexy Website again. FastSpring will process your payment and within a couple of minutes you will receive a confirmation email with a receipt and a product code to unlock the purchased functionality.

Product codes are coupled to a Treexy Account, which means that you need to register a free Treexy Account if you have not already done so. You can start using the purchased functionality by signing in to Treexy Software and activating the product code. The activating instructions are delivered along with the confirmation email.

A product code can only be used once, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the Treexy Store. Once the product code is coupled to a Treexy Account it can not be decoupled. It is your responsibility to keep the product code secure so that only you have access to it.

Refund policy

Unlike most companies that offer downloadable software, Treexy does offer the possibility to request a refund for software sold through the Treexy Store. All software comes with a 7 day return policy after the date of purchase through the Treexy Store. The full amount, minus a 5% administrative fee, will be returned to you.

For a refund to be considered you must send a request by email within 7 days after the date of purchase to Please include your name, order id, and a detailed and valid reason so that we can assess and justify your refund request. A detailed reason helps us to improve our products and find better ways of serving our customers.

Treexy reserves the right to deny or refuse to do business with any customer who seems to be intentionally abusing this refund policy.

Treexy can not process any refund requests for purchases made through Steam, please contact Steam Support for all Steam related questions. Steam licenses purchased through the Treexy Store are excluded from this refund policy and are not refundable.

Multiple installations

1 device
You may use the application only on one computer at a time. You must uninstall the application before using it on another computer. From that moment on, you are not allowed to use the application on the previous computer anymore. If you want to use the application on more than one computer (for example, a desktop and a laptop), you have to purchase a license for up to 10 devices.

Up to 10 devices
You may install the application on up to 10 devices within the same household. It is not allowed to share an account between multiple households and doing so will result in your account being blocked.

You may use the application on any computer as long as you are signed in with your Steam account, that you used to activate the application, on the computer that you are using.

These terms apply to personal usage. A slightly altered case may apply to business users that have a premium license, please refer to usage in business.

Usage in business

For business use it is always mandatory to own a premium license. The premium licenses that can be purchased through the Treexy Store are only for personal use and require you to request Treexy for a written confirmation for business use. These requests are assessed on a case by case basis only. Failing to notify Treexy of business use will result in your account being blocked.

A better solution is to request a custom order for a business license, which does not have these limitations and is also more reasonably priced.

Treexy can always help find you the best package to suit your needs, be sure to contact us at your convenience.

Third Party Content

Treexy is not in any way responsible for any Third Party Wares, such as third party content, software or services. Any link or reference to Third Party Wares provided by Treexy Services is not an approval or guarantee of any kind of the linked content and Treexy does not take any responsibility for the content and its actions of any kind.

Credits and attribution

Any applicable credits and/or attributions are given on the credits page, except for Treexy Software that has a dedicated credit screen.

Treexy will provide credit where credit is due but reserves the right to refrain from any attribution or crediting when the source is unclear or in any way disputable. You need to contact us directly for any claims of missing or incorrect credit. Treexy values proper credit and attribution and will never not place credits or attributions deliberately.

When Treexy becomes aware of a claim it reserves the right to either correct or add the credit of the related work, or to simply remove the credit of the related work completely so that credit is no longer necessary and thus automatically solving any applicable issues.

No waiver of rights

If Treexy fails to make use of any right or remedy under these TAC it should not be construed as a waiver of that right or remedy, whether for past or future actions of any person. Nor the receipt of funds by Treexy, or the confidence of a person in the operation of Treexy, will be considered as a waiver of that right or remedy. Only a specific, written waiver signed by an authorized representative of Treexy has legal effect.


The headers above the sections of these TAC are only meant as a clarification and are not part of or have influence on the meaning and interpretation of the TAC.

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