Driver Fusion 6.0

6 June 2018

We're thrilled to announce the release of Driver Fusion 6.0. In this release, we've added a dark theme and made optimizations in a lot of areas. Please send your comments and suggestions to us and we hope you enjoy it!

Dark theme

We've added a dark theme to help ease your eyes. To switch to the new theme, simply open settings and select the dark theme. Driver Fusion will automatically use your default app mode on Windows 10, but you can also override it in the settings.

Memory usage

The amount of memory used by Driver Fusion has been greatly reduced. This will help users run Driver Fusion on machines with a small amount of available memory.

Driver cleaner

The cleanable drivers received new entries to be up-to-date with their latest versions.

What else?

The issues that you've reported have all been fixed.