Driver Fusion 5.5

January 30, 2018

We're pleased to announce the release of Driver Fusion 5.5. With this release, we’re providing a major update to Driver Fusion and its web service. Please send your comments and suggestions to us, we like to read and use them!

Health check

You can now search for drivers that typically require a deeper understanding of drivers. For example, storage controller drivers were never searched for and you would need to download drivers for these devices through device control. This change is opt-in, you first need to enable these drivers by accessing the search options on top.

Furthermore, you can now delete all disconnected devices - also known as unused, ghosted or phantom devices - in health check. The number of these devices continues to grow after you've used Windows for a while, and this can reduce your boot time and the loading time of your devices. If you've deleted a device and ever reconnect it again then Windows will still automatically install it for you.


Much like antivirus software runs periodic scans of your system, you can now run periodic scans of issues in health check as well. This automated feature is convenient and gives you peace of mind, as all you ever have to do is fix the issues whenever Driver Fusion tells you an issue is detected. A check is performed every two weeks by default, but you can choose from four different intervals in the settings.

Web service

If you scan for driver updates in Driver Fusion, it will now detect drivers a lot faster (nearly four times as fast!). The number of drivers that can be found has also been doubled for most computers. We've also improved which drivers are suggested, giving you not only access to newer drivers, but also how these drivers are matched against your devices. Previously, a driver that originated from another manufacturer could've been suggested (this is also done by Microsoft's Windows Update and competitor products). We're now actively filtering these generic drivers out. This ensures that you receive better drivers.

We continue to check all drivers before we make them available, in order to provide you with drivers that are safe and working correctly. A driver that isn't up to our standards will not be suggested by Driver Fusion.

In device identifier you will find results that are more closely related to your devices. This is very noticeable for devices that are closely related to each other, such as GPUs that are merely rebadged.

Driver cleaner

We've added a percentage while loading the software and driver entries, in order to make it easier for you to find out how long it will take. The entries that can be cleaned have been updated to include the latest driver versions, such as AMD's Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition and NVIDIA's display drivers.

Device control

The list of devices is now automatically reloaded once a change has been detected, including changes made outside of Driver Fusion. For example, if you connect a device to your computer then device control will automatically reload the devices. The time required to reload has also been greatly reduced. Furthermore, we've increased the number of suggested online drivers.

What else?

Driver Fusion's memory usage has been slightly reduced and the issues you've reported have been fixed.