Driver Fusion 3.1

21 August 2015

We are thrilled to announce Driver Fusion 3.1, which can be downloaded right now. This update comes with full support for the recently released Windows 10. More information can be found below.

New features:

  • Windows - Driver Fusion is now fully compatible with Windows 10.
  • Localization - Added 5 new languages: Filipino (Philippines), Irish (Ireland), Sesotho sa Leboa (South Africa), Sinhalese (Sri Lanka), and Tajiki (Afghanistan and Tajikistan).
  • Driver family - Community suggested feature - Added a driver family for Rivet Networking, the company behind products such as the Killer E2200 and Killer E2400.
  • Driver family - Community suggested feature - The installed driver families option is now remembered. If you cancel while the installed driver families are loading, it will revert to all driver families.

Changed features:

  • Device control & health check - Improved finding drivers, which increases the number of (outdated) drivers found on most systems.
  • Device control - Improved the results and performance of device identifier.
  • Monitor - Community suggested feature - Added support for the ITE IT8620E.
  • Interface - Community suggested feature - Most controls will now regain focus after it has been lost due to loading content.
  • Installer - The installer is now free from third party advertisements..

Resolved issues:

  • Device control - Copying device or driver information to the clipboard could occasionally cause Driver Fusion to freeze or close unintentionally.
  • Device control - Device overview could in some cases show unreadable device information.
  • Device control - Unknown devices could in some cases be hidden from the user.
  • Health check - Outdated drivers could occasionally find the driver that was already installed.
  • Driver family - Deleting driver family entries could in some cases get stuck at 0%.
  • Interface - The verification dialog screen could occasionally focus on the wrong control.
  • Interface - The escape key did not always close the dialog screen.
  • Interface - The tab key could occasionally focus on controls behind the dialog screen.

For all Driver Fusion Premium users, your installation will update automatically.