Driver Fusion 3.0

11 June 2015

We are delighted to announce that Driver Fusion 3.0 is available for download now. The most important change of this update is a redesigned menu based on the feedback we received. More information can be found below.

New features:

  • Interface - Community suggested feature - The menu has been redesigned to improve usability. It is now possible to go directly to each screen without having to select another tab first.
  • Interface - Added a help button to go directly to the manual.

Changed features:

  • Device control - Added a progress indicator while scanning for hardware devices.
  • Driver family - Improved caching of installed driver families.
  • Driver family - The installed driver families will now automatically refresh after a delete operation.
  • Driver family - Added a progress indicator while scanning for installed driver families.
  • Driver family - History items are now saved even after cancelling the current operation.
  • Interface - Improved the responsiveness of driver family.
  • Interface - Improved font scaling of the notification bar.
  • Interface - The scrollbar is no longer invisible when it is disabled.
  • Interface - Many icon changes to clarify their function.
  • Localization - Community suggested feature - Added right-to-left language support.
  • Localization - Added Kazakh and Uzbek.

Resolved issues:

  • Device control - Devices without compatible ids could occasionally cause Driver Fusion to freeze or close unintentionally.
  • Device control - Changing between different sources in the driver backup install dialog could occasionally result in an empty title bar.
  • Desktop - The user name was not stored correctly for all languages.
  • Interface - A white line was occasionally rendered at the bottom of the window.
  • Steam - The Tree Mulcher Steam achievement could occasionally cause Driver Fusion to close unintentionally.
  • Filters - The new filter entry could also be added with cancel.
  • Filters - Multiple filters with the same name could be added.
  • Filters - Add new filter entry button could in some cases be visible without a selected filter.
  • Driver family - Scanning for installed driver family entries could in some cases get stuck at 0%.

Since last year we've been working a lot on improving the interface of Driver Fusion. Many parts of the interface, including the redesigned menu added in this update, are improved based on the suggestions we receive. Please continue to share your thoughts with us as this is important for us and the future of Driver Fusion. As with all updates, it's free for everyone to enjoy.

For all Driver Fusion Premium users, your installation will update automatically.