Driver Fusion 1.9

11 December 2013

Driver Fusion 1.9 has been released! The main changes of this release are the new driver online feature, many interface improvements and an improved driver backup. Below you will find the release notes containing the other changes.

New features:

  • Driver online - In device control you can now download drivers for your devices with ease. This is not only useful for devices without drivers, but also if you want to update your existing driver. The online driver database is constantly updated with new drivers, but achieving a solid collection is going to take some time to complete.
  • Driver backup - Community suggested feature - Driver Fusion will now ask you to select a backup location first. The last ten backup locations are automatically remembered.
  • Driver backup - Backups made with device control now support information files with multiple platforms and operating systems.
  • History - The log and restore screen have been combined into a single history screen, allowing quicker access to common information.

Changed features:

  • Device control - Devices are now sorted alphabetically for easier navigation.
  • Interface - Data grids now automatically wrap the text when it exceeds the available width.
  • Interface - The screen shown to users when premium is required now shows a link to activate a product when the user is signed in.
  • Interface - All dialog screens are now movable.

Resolved issues:

  • Starting/closing - Several issues that caused Driver Fusion to close unintentionally.
  • Interface - Several dates were not displayed in accordance with the regional settings of Windows.

For all Driver Fusion Premium users, your installation will update automatically!