Driver Fusion 1.4

14 December 2012

We're working on creating new functionality that makes it possible to automatically update drivers. Driver Fusion 1.4 contains the first step for achieving this goal, the device identifier feature for device control. Version 1.4 has been released and below you will find the release notes containing the details about this release.

New features:

  • Connectivity indication - All screens that require internet access show whether Driver Fusion has internet access or not. The connectivity indication automatically updates when the internet access status changes.
  • Hints - Community suggested feature - We added several hints to each screen in Driver Fusion. These hints are intended to help novice users and provide tips as well as detailed descriptions of the available features. Experienced users can disable the hints in the general settings.
  • Driver detection - You can now help to improve the detection of drivers by automatically reporting anonymous driver information about drivers to Treexy. You can always disable this functionality in the settings if you don't feel like contributing to the Driver Fusion community.
  • OEM/Phantom devices - In device control you can now filter by OEM and Phantom devices. OEM shows devices with drivers that do not ship out-of-box with Windows. Phantom shows devices that are installed but are not currently connected to the computer.
  • Device identifier - Community suggested feature - Ever discovered devices with a yellow exclamation/question mark or with the name 'unknown device'? Driver Fusion can now try to identify the type, name and manufacturer of these devices. Our database is constantly updated with new devices, but achieving a solid detection rate is going to take some time to complete.
  • Device control - We added the ability to copy a device or driver property to the clipboard by pressing Ctrl+C. You can now also double-click on a file property to go directly to the containing location.

Changed features:

  • Interface - Added a separation between the menu and the content for easier navigation. The Driver Fusion window can now also be resized to fit smaller screen resolutions, down to 640x480.
  • Installer - The manual can now be found in the start menu under the name 'Driver Fusion Manual' to make it easier to find.
  • Device control - Improved the detection of compatible device driver backups by adding additional operating system and device information.

Resolved issues:

  • Treexy account - Changing your password will now show a correct message when your current password is invalid.
  • Device control - Restoring a device driver backup would not succeed on some systems.