Driver Fusion 1.3

20 October 2012

Driver Fusion 1.3 has just been released! Multiple stability fixes have been applied and Device Control has received a large update. But that's not all, for more information about the changes see the release notes below.

New features:

  • Translations - We had a lot of help with improving the translations. The following languages were improved: Polish, Russian, German, Hebrew and Dutch. We would like to thank Lukasz 'RobeN' Abramczuk, Iakov Markov, Tim Mammitzsch and Itiel Yossefian for all their help and feedback. As a side note, we've finished updating a large part of the interface so those changes were not passed along to the translators yet.
  • Uninstaller - The Driver Fusion uninstaller can now also delete user generated files. It will ask the user if settings and backups should also be removed when uninstalling.
  • Device control - Improved interface and improved user feedback. More device properties are visible and codes, such as flags and removal policy, now show descriptive representations of the values. The status of a device is now visible in the view on the left hand side and icons have been added to the sections as well.

Changed features:

  • Interface tweaks - Lots of interface tweaks for better user feedback. For example: the watermark explanations in the input fields no longer disappear on selecting the field but only when the user starts typing and entries that will be deleted on reboot won't show up as remaining entries after cleaning.
  • Multi-monitor - Driver Fusion now restores to its previous position and monitor correctly when starting Driver Fusion.
  • Grid overview - All the grid overviews have been updated. Newly added entries will now sort according to the existing entries and the random unintentional close on certain system configurations is resolved.
  • Premium information redesign - The screen that is shown to free users when a feature is premium only has been redesigned to contain less text and to redirect the user to the website for more information instead of to the store page only.
  • Registry keys - Improved the advanced removal algorithm so that hard to remove registry entries now either get removed instantly or at least on reboot.
  • Enhanced removal mode - Before Driver Fusion will clean any hard to remove entries the user first has to allow Driver Fusion to force deletion of those entries. For new installations this will now be enabled by default.

Resolved issues:

  • Icon restore - Icons now always get restored correctly the first time.
  • Blurry text - All the text is now as crisp as it can be. When resizing the Driver Fusion window the text of notifications would sometimes become hard to read (blurred).
  • In-app update -Driver Fusion is now able to update itself without the language files causing the update to fail in certain conditions.