Driver Fusion 1.1

July 12, 2012

We're happy to announce Driver Fusion, a new product of Treexy! Lots of great features can be found in the new Driver Fusion 1.1, which is the successor to Driver Sweeper by Phyxion. This means that Driver Sweeper is discontinued.

We also have exciting news for those of you who asked for more features, we're launching the addition of a premium version. We're currently running a discount for everyone, so be sure to check out the details and pricing in the store! Everyone who previously donated to Driver Sweeper is eligible for a free upgrade to the premium version of Driver Fusion. Please contact us with your PayPal email address and confirmation number.

We have more surprises in store and we can't wait to share them with everyone. Be sure to keep an eye out on our or account and we hope you enjoy our new product!

New features:

  • Completely rewritten - Driver Fusion has been completely rewritten. As we wanted to optimize Driver Fusion to the maximum extend possible, it also meant that previously created data is not compatible.
  • Treexy UI - A modern clean look matching the Treexy design. The complete UI has been redesigned, making Driver Fusion easier to use. Hardware acceleration is now also supported with the goal to off-load as much of the work as possible on the video card.
  • Treexy account integration - See "Treexy account" below.
  • Localization support - Driver Fusion ships with support for 57 languages! Languages are automatically applied based on your regional settings, but you can also set your preferred language in Driver Fusion's settings. Want to help us with improving your localization? Please contact us.
  • Logitech SetPoint support - Although we've always supported a large amount of system drivers, Logitech SetPoint support was still missing. You can now use Driver Fusion to analyze or delete all Logitech SetPoint system driver entries!
  • Uninstall support - Large improvements have been made to the cleaning of system driver entries. Driver Fusion will now automatically uninstall your system driver's software package for supported system drivers.
  • System protection - If you are thinking of using Driver Fusion but aren't quite sure what it's going to do to your computer, don't worry. Driver Fusion automatically creates a system restore point on system critical actions, so you can always use these system restore points to return to a previous state!
  • Device control - We added the ability to view device and driver information and have added some great new possibilities to uninstall, backup or restore a device driver. You can also restart, enable or disable a device.
  • Automatic updates - Our update system will make sure you're always using the best and latest features! Updates are applied automatically, no need to use installers anymore.
  • One-click overview - By popular demand, we're rolling out a feature that lets you view and delete all your system driver entries with one simple click.
  • Enhanced removal mode - Driver Fusion has always been a great way to analyze or delete system driver entries. Now that more and more entries are locked, in use, or protected, an annoying problem has cropped up - irremovable entries. Enhanced Removal Mode deals with all of this for you and keeps your system clean.
  • Cloud driver database - New system driver entries are instantly initialized and updated from within Driver Fusion!

Changed features:

  • Updated system drivers - For each system driver the database of possible entries has been updated. Driver Fusion is now able to detect more than twice the amount of the previous entries for several system drivers!
  • Data storage format - We've taken the time to tidy things up a bit and now use a new format to store all data in, bringing improved performance and stability to Driver Fusion.
  • Desktop - It's even easier to backup or restore your desktop with Driver Fusion. When you restore your desktop, Driver Fusion now automatically restores the desktop icon layout and the screen resolution.

Treexy account:

  • Comprehensive platform - Sign up for the Treexy product of your choice, and use the same account for other Treexy products!
  • Easy registration - Registration is safe, private, and user-friendly. After completing the fast and simple registration steps, your free Treexy account is active!
  • Account avatar - Avatars help identify you, so why not use the same avatar everywhere? Treexy uses Gravatar - a free service - for your avatar.
  • Licensing - You can find and manage the licenses for all your Treexy products in one place.