Driver Fusion 10.1

24 November 2022

We're excited to announce the release of Driver Fusion 10.1. This update contains several improvements based on your feedback. Please send your comments and suggestions to us, we like to read and use them!

Device control

You can now view the events that Windows logged for a device, such as when it was installed. A device now also shows if it has resource conflicts with other devices. A resource conflict usually occurs when a device shares the same I/O port as another device. In addition, you can now launch a troubleshooter to diagnose and fix device and driver problems. The number of online drivers to choose from when installing or backing up a driver has also been increased.

Driver monitor

We've added and extended support for various devices, such as AMD and Intel processors, Samsung NVMe drives, and several motherboards and fan sensors.

Driver cleaner

The currently installed drivers are now remembered when you switch back to all drivers. Furthermore, the cleanable drivers received new entries to be up-to-date with their latest versions.


The overall responsiveness has been greatly improved, such as reducing the time it takes to switch between features. Starting the application is also significantly faster.

What else?

The issues that you've reported have all been fixed.