Eight of the best driver utilities compared

Find the best software to update, backup, clean, and monitor the drivers and devices of your PC.

Many computer problems are caused by faulty or outdated device drivers. We'll compare Driver Fusion with Driver Genius, Driver Booster, Avast & AVG Driver Updater, DriverMax, Smart Driver Updater, Driver Easy, and Smart Driver Care to help you make your decision.

Driver Fusion
Driver Fusion #1
Driver Genius
Driver Genius #2
Driver Booster
Driver Booster #3
Avast & AVG Driver Updater
Avast & AVG Driver Updater #4
DriverMax #5
Smart Driver Updater
Smart Driver Updater #6
Driver Easy
Driver Easy #7
Smart Driver Care
Smart Driver Care #8
Number of drivers
Update drivers
Schedule driver check
Automatic driver backup
Uninstall disconnected devices
Delete unused drivers
Install any version from driver database
Advanced protection and restore
Clean drivers
Monitor device performance
Control devices and drivers
Identify unknown devices
Create device and driver report
Prevent Windows driver installations
Backup desktop icon positions
The comparisons on this page are updated regularly to reflect the latest software versions.

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