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Driver Fusion 5.6

April 5, 2018

We're excited to announce the release of Driver Fusion 5.6. With this release, we’re expanding your options to take control over driver installations from Windows. Please send your comments and suggestions to us, we like to read and use them!

Windows driver installations

We've added an option in advanced settings to prevent automatic installation of drivers for specific devices. This will block driver installations for the device on your entire system, including Windows Update, device manager, and third-party installers. All driver installations made through Driver Fusion are unaffected. Together with the option to change the driver installation behavior from Windows Update, you now have full control over driver installations.

New website and logos

The links used in Driver Fusion have been updated to reflect our brand new website. We've also added a new logo for Driver Fusion.

Driver cleaner

Experienced users can now select and deselect all entries from a category by right-clicking on the category header.

.NET Framework

Starting with this release, you need to have at least .NET Framework 4.6.2 installed. Almost everyone will have it installed through Windows Update or otherwise, but if not, then our installer can automatically download and install it for you. This newer .NET Framework version enables us to support longer file paths and its performance is also improved.

What else?

The issues that you've reported have been fixed, such as the issue that some devices aren't correctly identified as disconnected on Windows 7.

Brand new website

March 29, 2018

Welcome to our brand new website! We're excited to unveil our new look and we hope you enjoy it.

Our website has been completely redesigned and it allows you to quickly discover why you should choose Treexy and our products. It will also enable us to help you in the best way possible.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please send them our way.

Driver Fusion 5.5

January 30, 2018

We're pleased to announce the release of Driver Fusion 5.5. With this release, we’re providing a major update to Driver Fusion and its web service. Please send your comments and suggestions to us, we like to read and use them!

Health check

You can now search for drivers that typically require a deeper understanding of drivers. For example, storage controller drivers were never searched for and you would need to download drivers for these devices through device control. This change is opt-in, you first need to enable these drivers by accessing the search options on top.

Furthermore, you can now delete all disconnected devices - also known as unused, ghosted or phantom devices - in health check. The number of these devices continues to grow after you've used Windows for a while, and this can reduce your boot time and the loading time of your devices. If you've deleted a device and ever reconnect it again then Windows will still automatically install it for you.


Much like antivirus software runs periodic scans of your system, you can now run periodic scans of issues in health check as well. This automated feature is convenient and gives you peace of mind, as all you ever have to do is fix the issues whenever Driver Fusion tells you an issue is detected. A check is performed every two weeks by default, but you can choose from four different intervals in the settings.

Web service

If you scan for driver updates in Driver Fusion, it will now detect drivers a lot faster (nearly four times as fast!). The number of drivers that can be found has also been doubled for most computers. We've also improved which drivers are suggested, giving you not only access to newer drivers, but also how these drivers are matched against your devices. Previously, a driver that originated from another manufacturer could've been suggested (this is also done by Microsoft's Windows Update and competitor products). We're now actively filtering these generic drivers out. This ensures that you receive better drivers.

We continue to check all drivers before we make them available, in order to provide you with drivers that are safe and working correctly. A driver that isn't up to our standards will not be suggested by Driver Fusion.

In device identifier you will find results that are more closely related to your devices. This is very noticeable for devices that are closely related to each other, such as GPUs that are merely rebadged.

Driver cleaner

We've added a percentage while loading the software and driver entries, in order to make it easier for you to find out how long it will take. The entries that can be cleaned have been updated to include the latest driver versions, such as AMD's Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition and NVIDIA's display drivers.

Device control

The list of devices is now automatically reloaded once a change has been detected, including changes made outside of Driver Fusion. For example, if you connect a device to your computer then device control will automatically reload the devices. The time required to reload has also been greatly reduced. Furthermore, we've increased the number of suggested online drivers.

What else?

Driver Fusion's memory usage has been slightly reduced and the issues you've reported have been fixed.

Driver Fusion 5.1

November 23, 2017

We're thrilled to announce the release of Driver Fusion 5.1. In this release, we've worked on a lot of varied areas, making your experience with Driver Fusion better. Please send your comments and suggestions to us, we like to read them. We hope you enjoy Driver Fusion 5.1!


To provide a localized experience for everyone around the world, we've greatly improved the quality of the supported languages. Our translators have been hard at work to make sure that the majority is now correctly translated. If you are keen on having Driver Fusion translated into your own language, or if you want to improve it, please contact us.

Steam account

Driver Fusion now integrates seamlessly with Steam and uses their authentication system to sign you in. This will significantly reduce the number of steps that are required to get started, as you no longer have to activate it with a third party key. All third party keys that have been given out by Steam will be revoked once we are sure that everyone received the update through Steam.

Driver cleaner

We've always relied on predefined processes and services, that need to be stopped, in order to clean driver entries that are still in use. This works great, until you have something installed that isn't on this list. Driver cleaner is now able to detect which processes and services are using an entry and will automatically stop them before the entry gets cleaned. The stopped processes and services will be restarted once the entry has been cleaned.

.NET Framework and operating systems support

Starting with this release, you need to have at least .NET Framework 4.5.2 installed. Almost everyone will have it installed through Windows Update or otherwise, but if not, then our installer can automatically download and install it for you. This is also the first version that no longer supports Windows XP and Windows Vista. You can continue to use Driver Fusion 5.0 if you rely on these operating systems. The content service behind Driver Fusion will continue to work with it for the foreseeable future.

What else?

We've added support for more devices - along with additional information - in device monitor. The issues you've reported have been fixed and the start up time has been reduced. Furthermore, you can now easily invite a friend to Driver Fusion.

Driver Fusion 5.0

September 22, 2017

We’re pleased to present Driver Fusion 5.0! It’s been a while, but we’ve been working hard on bringing you this update. Our mission was to improve the performance, stability, usability and the offered features. You can read the highlights of these improvements below. We hope you like this version as much as we do!

Interface and usability

We’ve been focusing our efforts on improving the interface and it’s usability and have redesigned almost everything. It’s still familiar to previous versions, so you won’t have to learn from scratch. An important highlight, by popular request, is that you can now search, filter and sort through content, almost everywhere! But that’s not all, it’s also possible to use Driver Fusion 5.0 with just your keyboard. We’ve added focus hints to all controls to make it easy to see where the current focus is. You’ll see how nifty all these changes are once you start using them.

Health check

Up until now, there were two categories for downloading drivers; missing drivers and outdated drivers. As they did almost the same work, they have been combined into driver update. If you’re checking for driver updates, clarity is essential. We’ve been receiving a lot of feedback on why Driver Fusion is recommending certain drivers. Whenever a recommended driver is not undeniably clear, it will now add an explanation. Still having doubts? Feel free to contact us and we’ll help you out. At times you want to take a closer look at a device or its driver. You can now go directly to the device or its driver in device control. Another frequently requested feature we’ve added is that each recommended issue can now be fixed on its own. Don’t worry, you can still fix all issues at once.

Device control

Starting with Windows Vista, there’s additional information available about a device or a driver. This information was already used throughout Driver Fusion and has now been added to device control. All available information – including the identifier – is now accessible immediately after selecting a device. Driver Fusion 5.0 also ships with several other important improvements to device control. If you want to install a driver it now includes compatible drivers from Windows’ driver store. For experts, we’ve also added the ability to uninstall a driver from Windows’ driver store. The driver signature verification is also significantly improved, both the results and the performance (on average a driver is now verified twice as fast).

Device monitor

If you want to monitor your devices, Driver Fusion has always given you a variety of options to do so. The current sensor values are great for getting insight into your devices, but sometimes you want to visualize past performance as well. In Driver Fusion 5.0, we’ve added a graph – for each device – for the available sensor values. It’s super flexible, and will allow you to add just the sensors you want to display. We’ve also added additional information about each device, such as the socket of your processor, the BIOS version of your motherboard, and the reallocated sector count of your hard disks.

Driver cleaner

Need to clean up old drivers or install a new driver? All drivers received new entries to be up-to-date with their latest versions. We’ve also added support to clean the device itself and entries from the task scheduler and Windows’ driver store. Several new drivers have also been added, including NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience software. In Driver Fusion 5.0 we separated entries that are shared between certain drivers. While cleaning those drivers – such as NVIDIA’s display driver and NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience – you can now decide whether you want to include their shared entries. We’ve also added a hint when drivers are combined by the manufacturer to support multiple devices, such as Logitech’s keyboard and mouse drivers.


Sometimes you want to view or restore an operation you’ve performed in Driver Fusion. Our goal for Driver Fusion 5.0 was to create an easy to use – and complete – history of almost anything you can do. Whether you clean a driver or disable a device, you don’t have to worry anymore about the outcome as you can always undo the operation. In most cases, you want to restore the entire operation. Operations that are merely collection of other operations, such cleaning a driver, can also be restored separately. We’ve also visualized if the operations you performed succeeded.

In driver cleaner: some installers cannot be restored because they are missing on your computer. This is not a limitation of Driver Fusion but due to how Windows or these installers are set-up. You can manually download the installer again.

Settings and data

It’s good to have choices, like the ability to change the default preferences of Driver Fusion. In Driver Fusion 5.0 we’ve changed a few default preferences to their expected value. We’ve also combined several settings and – where applicable – extended their functionality throughout the entire application. A diagnostics report for troubleshooting can now be created from the general settings.

To benefit from Windows’ file protection, Driver Fusion will now store its data in different folders. Data that can be shared among all users, such as driver backups, is written to the ProgramData folder. User-specific data, such as your settings, is written to the local AppData folder. This change also enables you to use Driver Fusion in multi-user environments without having to share your settings with everyone. If you want to override this behavior and have Driver Fusion store its data in the installation folder, you have to start Driver Fusion using the --p argument. This does not apply to the Steam edition, data will continue to be stored in the steamapps\common folder in order to utilize Steam Cloud.

Operating systems support

Driver Fusion 5.0 will be the last update for Windows XP and Windows Vista. Microsoft itself ended support for Windows XP in 2014 and Windows Vista in the beginning of 2017. Unsupported operating systems receive no security updates, have known exploits, and can be dangerous to use. You can continue to use this version of Driver Fusion if you rely on these operating systems. The content service behind Driver Fusion will continue to work for the foreseeable future. We have disabled automatic updates on these operating systems. You do not need to do anything else.


You play an important role in making Driver Fusion better. We welcome your feedback on this version, as well as any ideas you might have. Please contact us on our website.

Driver Fusion 3.3

November 6, 2015

We are pleased to announce that Driver Fusion 3.3 can now be downloaded. In this update we focused on improving the usability and performance of health check. More information can be found below.

New features:

  • Health check - Community suggested feature - The driver backup destination can now be changed before scanning.
  • Health check - Community suggested feature - The severity of outdated drivers has been redesigned to make it more clear.
  • Localization - Improved the Italian translation with special thanks to Massimo Castiglia.

Changed features:

  • Health check - Improved the responsiveness of the interface.
  • Health check - Improved the severity calculation for outdated drivers.
  • Health check - Driver backup will no longer list all existing driver backups. This is now identical to missing drivers and outdated drivers.

Resolved issues:

  • Device control - The online driver install dialog could occasionally cause Driver Fusion to close unintentionally.
  • Health check - Driver backup could in some cases suggest to backup the same driver again.
  • Driver family - The installed driver families option could occasionally not be remembered.
  • Interface - The menu would not show tooltips when a right-to-left language is used.
  • Settings - Changing how Windows driver updates are installed could in some cases be ignored.
  • Settings - The incorrect positioning of confirmation notifications.
  • Settings - Changing the language could occasionally cause Driver Fusion to close unintentionally.

For all Driver Fusion Premium users, your installation will update automatically.

Disable automatic driver updates in Windows 10

October 13, 2015

One of the most frequently heard complaints about Microsoft's Windows 10 is the forced download and installation of driver updates through Windows Update. In previous versions of Windows you were presented with a list of (driver) updates and could uncheck an update if you wanted to. While this change might seem useful for users that never update their drivers, there are several reasons why you do not want Microsoft to control the drivers that are installed on your computer, such as:

  • You want to use an older driver because it works better.
  • You have software installed that relies on another driver.
  • You encountered system problems caused by the driver from Windows Update.
  • You have a newer driver than the driver provided through Windows Update.

Because all driver updates are enforced by Microsoft, you cannot roll back to a previous version as Windows Update will download and install the driver again.

With Driver Fusion you can disable automatic and mandatory driver updates in Windows 10, but this feature also works for Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. Once you have opened Driver Fusion, go to the settings 1 and select the advanced settings 2. You can then change how Windows driver updates are installed by changing the setting in 3 to Never install driver software from Windows Update. After you have changed this setting you will have to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Changing how Windows driver updates are installed.

Unfortunately, most driver updates that are already discovered by Windows Update can still be installed after you've made this change. This does not happen on every computer and you only need to continue with this guide when a driver is still being installed without your consent. In order to prevent such drivers from being installed you can download the Show or hide updates troubleshooter package from Microsoft.

Using the show or hide updates troubleshooter from Microsoft.

Once you have opened the troubleshooter, select Advanced 1, make sure Apply repairs automatically is checked 2 and select Next. The next screen will ask you if you want to Hide updates or Show hidden updates. You should select the Hide updates 3, unless you want to undo an update that you have hidden. The troubleshooter will now scan your computer for available updates and show you a list of updates that can be hidden  4. Make sure that you only select driver updates and ignore all regular Windows updates. Even though the troubleshooter can hide these updates as well, we do not recommend this as regular updates often contain software and security fixes. Once you have selected the driver updates that you want to hide, click on Next and then Close. Even though it is not necessary for most computers, we recommend you to restart your computer.

In all cases: driver updates that are added to Windows Update will be automatically hidden through the change you made in Driver Fusion.
You can use Driver Fusion Premium to automatically update the drivers you want, we always give you full control.

Driver Fusion 3.2

October 1, 2015

Today, we are happy to announce that Driver Fusion 3.2 is now available for download. This release marks the beginning of improving driver family. More information can be found below.

New features:

  • Driver family - Community suggested feature - Added a lot of new driver family entries for AMD graphic cards, NVIDIA graphic cards and NVIDIA PhysX. Driver Fusion is now again able to detect and delete everything of importance that is installed by their installers.

Changed features:

  • Device control - Improved the results and performance of retrieving device and driver properties.
  • Driver family - Improved the reliability and performance of searching and deleting driver family entries.

Resolved issues:

  • Device control & health check - A backup of a driver with a WHQL signature could occasionally show an unverified driver message during installation due to files being included that did not belong to the driver.
  • Device control & health check - A backup of a driver that linked to another driver could in some cases not include all necessary files.
  • Device control - A couple of device and driver properties were never listed.
  • Device control - Retrieving device and driver properties could occasionally cause Driver Fusion to freeze or close unintentionally.
  • Device control - Messages could in some cases be shown with incorrect punctuation.

For all Driver Fusion Premium users, your installation will update automatically.

Driver Fusion 3.1

August 21, 2015

We are thrilled to announce Driver Fusion 3.1, which can be downloaded right now. This update comes with full support for the recently released Windows 10. More information can be found below.

New features:

  • Windows - Driver Fusion is now fully compatible with Windows 10.
  • Localization - Added 5 new languages: Filipino (Philippines), Irish (Ireland), Sesotho sa Leboa (South Africa), Sinhalese (Sri Lanka), and Tajiki (Afghanistan and Tajikistan).
  • Driver family - Community suggested feature - Added a driver family for Rivet Networking, the company behind products such as the Killer E2200 and Killer E2400.
  • Driver family - Community suggested feature - The installed driver families option is now remembered. If you cancel while the installed driver families are loading, it will revert to all driver families.

Changed features:

  • Device control & health check - Improved finding drivers, which increases the number of (outdated) drivers found on most systems.
  • Device control - Improved the results and performance of device identifier.
  • Monitor - Community suggested feature - Added support for the ITE IT8620E.
  • Interface - Community suggested feature - Most controls will now regain focus after it has been lost due to loading content.
  • Installer - The installer is now free from third party advertisements..

Resolved issues:

  • Device control - Copying device or driver information to the clipboard could occasionally cause Driver Fusion to freeze or close unintentionally.
  • Device control - Device overview could in some cases show unreadable device information.
  • Device control - Unknown devices could in some cases be hidden from the user.
  • Health check - Outdated drivers could occasionally find the driver that was already installed.
  • Driver family - Deleting driver family entries could in some cases get stuck at 0%.
  • Interface - The verification dialog screen could occasionally focus on the wrong control.
  • Interface - The escape key did not always close the dialog screen.
  • Interface - The tab key could occasionally focus on controls behind the dialog screen.

For all Driver Fusion Premium users, your installation will update automatically.

Driver Fusion 3.0

June 11, 2015

We are delighted to announce that Driver Fusion 3.0 is available for download now. The most important change of this update is a redesigned menu based on the feedback we received. More information can be found below.

New features:

  • Interface - Community suggested feature - The menu has been redesigned to improve usability. It is now possible to go directly to each screen without having to select another tab first.
  • Interface - Added a help button to go directly to the manual.

Changed features:

  • Device control - Added a progress indicator while scanning for hardware devices.
  • Driver family - Improved caching of installed driver families.
  • Driver family - The installed driver families will now automatically refresh after a delete operation.
  • Driver family - Added a progress indicator while scanning for installed driver families.
  • Driver family - History items are now saved even after cancelling the current operation.
  • Interface - Improved the responsiveness of driver family.
  • Interface - Improved font scaling of the notification bar.
  • Interface - The scrollbar is no longer invisible when it is disabled.
  • Interface - Many icon changes to clarify their function.
  • Localization - Community suggested feature - Added right-to-left language support.
  • Localization - Added Kazakh and Uzbek.

Resolved issues:

  • Device control - Devices without compatible ids could occasionally cause Driver Fusion to freeze or close unintentionally.
  • Device control - Changing between different sources in the driver backup install dialog could occasionally result in an empty title bar.
  • Desktop - The user name was not stored correctly for all languages.
  • Interface - A white line was occasionally rendered at the bottom of the window.
  • Steam - The Tree Mulcher Steam achievement could occasionally cause Driver Fusion to close unintentionally.
  • Filters - The new filter entry could also be added with cancel.
  • Filters - Multiple filters with the same name could be added.
  • Filters - Add new filter entry button could in some cases be visible without a selected filter.
  • Driver family - Scanning for installed driver family entries could in some cases get stuck at 0%.

Since last year we've been working a lot on improving the interface of Driver Fusion. Many parts of the interface, including the redesigned menu added in this update, are improved based on the suggestions we receive. Please continue to share your thoughts with us as this is important for us and the future of Driver Fusion. As with all updates, it's free for everyone to enjoy.

For all Driver Fusion Premium users, your installation will update automatically.