This store order assistance guide applies to all Driver Fusion Premium licenses except for Steam licenses. The order assistance  guide is an easy to use guide to assist you with online purchasing, shipping, account management and product activation. You can find more information at customer support if you have any questions while using this guide. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

The numbered red circles 0 in the text reference the corresponding red circles on the images in that section so that it is easier to look up the described parts.

About payments

Because of international laws about commerce, and the paperwork to abide by those laws, Treexy has opted to use FastSpring as a reseller. This means that all transactions made on the Treexy Store are handled securely by FastSpring. If you have payment related questions, such as credit card charges, please contact FastSpring. For questions about our products or placed orders you can contact us through email or use any of provided options at customer support.

FastSpring accepts payments through Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, JCB®, PayPal™, Amazon Payments, Giropay, Sofort, iDEAL, WebMoney, bank transfer, check and money order. Payments are accepted in sixteen major currencies in addition to the US Dollar.

FastSpring Payment Methods

All prices on the website are excluding VAT because Treexy operates on an international level. Any applicable VAT for your country will be taken into account before the order confirmation. The order overview below is made from The Netherlands where the Red sphere 1 VAT rate is 21%. You will only be billed when you complete the order, so you are always aware of the final price.

VAT exemptions for businesses are supported.

 FastSpring order confirmation tax

At the end of your order you are notified that the charge will show up on your bill as a FastSpring specific code. You will also receive an email confirmation by FastSpring of your transaction that contains this code. An example of the notification and code is shown below.

FastSpring bill charge

When you place your first order you will also receive a reminder email to help you recognize the charge on your bank statements. The email clearly states that this is a reminder and not a second charge so please read carefully and do not accidentally identify it as such.

Receiving your order

When your payment has been processed you will receive a confirmation email with Red sphere 1 a download link to the installer and Red sphere 2 a product code. This product code is used for activating the product for your Treexy account.

Email order confirmation

Creating a Treexy account

A Treexy Account is needed to provide you with a secure product with all premium features. Make sure that the internet connection of the software is not blocked by a firewall because validation will fail without internet access. If you have already created an account then you can sign in using any Treexy product by Red sphere 1 clicking on sign in.

Driver Fusion Login

In case you do not have an account you need to register one first by Red sphere 1 clicking on sign in and then on create new account. You have to fill in some basic information and click on register. Make sure that you enter Red sphere 2 a valid and correct email address because it will be used to verify your account. The internet access indicator Red sphere 3 can be used to check whether the software has internet access Internet access or not No internet access.

Treexy account registration Driver Fusion

After registering an account you will be prompted to verify that account with a verification code. An email with a verification code is sent immediately after you have clicked on register. The easiest way is to Red sphere 4 copy and paste the verification code from the email into the verification code field.

Account verification email

The verification code can also be entered by Red sphere 1 clicking on sign in and then on verify your account. Red sphere 5 Enter the email address that you used for creating your account and enter the verification code that you received by email. When all fields have been filled in you can Red sphere 6 click on verify and your account will be verified immediately.

Driver Fusion Account Verification

Activating Driver Fusion Premium

Sign in to your account and Red sphere 1 click on your account name and then Red sphere 2 click activate product.

Activate product Driver Fusion

You will be prompted to Red sphere 3 enter the Treexy product code. Enter the product code and Red sphere 4 click on activate to finish activation. The product code will be bound to your account and will become visible in Red sphere 5 the account section of the Driver Fusion settings cog icon, where you can also see other products that are bound to your account and when they will expire. You only need to activate your product once. In case you reinstall your operating system, or when you bought a new computer, you only need to sign in again to your existing account.

Treexy product activation Driver Fusion

Refund policy

All information related to refunds can be found in terms and conditions.

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