This order assistance guide applies to the Driver Fusion Premium license that is available at The order assistance guide is an easy to use guide to assist you with online purchasing, shipping, account management and product activation. You can find more information at customer support if you have any questions while using this guide. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

The numbered red circles 0 in the text reference the corresponding red circles on the images in that section so that it is easier to look up the described parts.

About Steam

Steam store screenshotDriver Fusion has been released on Steam. Steam is an online entertainment platform that provides digital distribution and is developed by the Valve Corporation. Steam was originally designed for games only, and it still heavily focuses on games, but Steam now also includes software. To join Steam you need to create a free Steam account. Once signed in you can start adding purchased software to your Steam library.

When you purchase a Driver Fusion Premium Steam license you will receive a Steam product code which can be used to add Driver Fusion Premium to your Steam library.

Treexy is only associated with Steam as a software publisher. Learn more about Steam on their about page.

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