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Support and licenses are managed with your Treexy account. Through your Treexy account you will have instant access to your unlocked functionality in any version, including the free version, of Driver Fusion.

You can unlock more flexibility, features and functionalities by purchasing and registering a premium license. With such a purchase you will receive a product code that you can add to your Treexy account. You can register a new Treexy account by clicking on sign in and create new account. If you already registered a Treexy account then you can sign in with your existing account.

If you need more information about account registration then you can:

  1. Visit order assistance for graphical and detailed instructions.
  2. Contact us.

Internet access
To be able to register and sign in with your Treexy account you have to make sure that Driver Fusion has access to the internet. The 1 internet access indicator on the sign in screen shows whether Driver Fusion has internet access Internet access or not No internet access. If Driver Fusion shows that it does not have internet access then this is usually caused by a firewall that blocks the connection. Microsoft explains how to add a program to the Windows Firewall in Allow a program to communicate through Windows Firewall.


Registering a new Treexy account.

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