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Filters enables you to create new or extend built-in driver families to detect software and driver entries that were installed by a vendor installer. Each filter item contains a list of possible entries that a driver can use (such as files, directories, registry keys and registry values). Filter items are listed for my filters by default, click on my filters to view built in filters or all filters. Only filter items with one or more entries are accessible in driver family.

Filter item
If you want to add a new filter item, 1 click the left most add and enter the required information. You can delete any filter item by selecting the filter item and clicking the left most delete. You can not delete built in filter items.


Adding a new filter item.

Filter entry
To add a new filter entry, select a filter item from the list, 2 click the right most add and enter the required information. The information that needs to be entered depends on the type of the filter entry (file, directory, registry key, registry value or service) that you want to add to the filter item. You can delete any filter entry by selecting the filter entry and clicking the right most delete.


Adding a new file filter entry.

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