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Driver Fusion is now ad free

If you have downloaded the free version of Driver Fusion recently then you might have seen some third party advertisements in our installer. For the last couple of years we have been working on making Driver Fusion the best device and driver solution there is. Every now and then we try some ideas to help with the cost of developing and maintaining Driver Fusion for all our users. Ever since we launched Driver Fusion we received numerous offers from advertising networks to include third party advertisements in our installers. Because installers with third party advertisements had become the norm, even for companies like Adobe, we opted to include this in the Driver Fusion installer as well.

The advertising network we picked focused on popular software, such as Google Chrome, Opera Browser and AVG Internet Security, when we first started to include these third party advertisements. After a while though, the focus changed to browser addons and other questionable software. We were always quick to disable these but as there is no way to verify them in advance, they were always shown to you at least some time. We always felt that the third party advertisements compromised the user experience and after receiving yet another email about some questional software being installed, we decided to remove the third party advertisements completely. Starting today, with the release of Driver Fusion 3.1, there will no longer be third party advertisements shown in the installer.

How to translate Driver Fusion

Driver Fusion currently supports 57 different languages, but not all translations are complete yet. This guide describes how easy it is to translate Driver Fusion to your preferred language. The following steps are described in detail:

  1. Prerequisites.
  2. Adding a new language.
  3. Translating into your language.
  4. Submit to Treexy.



Before you can start translating Driver Fusion, you only need to download these two items:

  •, containing the translations currently used and a simple one-click converter (LangResX) to convert the translations file to the format used in Driver Fusion.
  • Zeta Resource Editor, a free application that enables you to edit the translation files.

Start by extracting the file to a new directory, for this guide the directory C:\Languages is used. You also need to know the language code for the language that you want to translate. This can be found on the Microsoft website; several examples from that page are nl-nl, fi-fi, zh-hant-hk and en-us. We will use the xx-xx combination throughout this guide, where xx-xx is the language code you just looked up.



This step is only required in case you want to create a translation of a language that is not yet present in Driver Fusion. You can skip this step if you only want to update an existing translation.

To add new language to Driver Fusion, create a copy of the Language.resx file and rename it to Language.xx-xx.resx.



Open Zeta Resource Editor and click on open resources files, as depicted in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Figure 1 – Open resource files location in Zeta Resource Editor.

The easiest way to start translating Driver Fusion is to open Language.xx-xx.resx and Language.resx simultaneously. You can do this in the file opener by keeping the CTRL-key pressed and left-clicking both files. For this guide we opened Language.resx and, as depicted in Figure 2.

 Figure 2

Figure 2 – The English and Dutch language opened in Zeta Resource Editor.

The entries of the language you want to translate can be found in the right column, whereas the English language can be found in the middle column. Once you are done translating the entries in the right column, click on Save all files, as depicted in Figure 3.

 Figure 3

Figure 3 – Save all files location in Zeta Resource Editor.

You can try your translation by running the LangResX application (found in the directory where you extracted to automatically process all resx files in the directory and generate the corresponding resources files. Copy the Language.xx-xx.resources file to the Languages folder of Driver Fusion. If Driver Fusion is not set to your language already, you can change the current language in the general settings.



If you want to submit your improvements to Treexy, you can send us an email at with the resx file for your translation. We will include the translation in the next version of Driver Fusion and give you credit for your translation.

The first two weeks: thank you.

It has been 16 days since the launch of Driver Fusion on the 12th of July and everything went really great. We were able to fix initial problems fast with the release of Driver Fusion 1.1.1 only a few days later. As a start-up company we've learned a lot in the past two weeks. This was our first official product release and Driver fusion is already being downloaded around once a minute on average!

We really enjoyed the correspondence in the last two weeks. We were amazed about the nice emails that we received and it was good to see that people know how to reach us. The questions that we received through email and social media allowed us the help you, the users, fast and reliably but also provided us with valuable feedback about what we can improve at our end. There were even those that went beyond asking a question and took the effort to think along with us and gave great suggestions. We are working hard to incorporate all the great ideas. Thank you (you know your name ;-) ) again for taking the time and effort, we cannot stress enough how much we appreciate your help.

Besides providing support we already started the development of a new Driver Fusion release. The ideas for the next releases are thus far:

  • Improve keyboard assistance (this includes being able to press enter to sign in!)
  • The current solution has virtualization (<- makes things a lot faster) problems on certain configurations. We are unable to reproduce the problem on our test systems but the amount of reports is high enough to justify looking for an alternative method. This should resolve the rare cases in which Driver Fusion still stopped working after the 1.1.1 update.
  • Support for even more system drivers, with Logitech sound being one. Printer system drivers support is also something that we want to add.
  • Double-click on system driver entries to open Windows Explorer or Regedit so that you can directly go to the source of the system driver entry.
  • Improve language support. We already have help with improving the Polish translation but we would really like to improve the other translations as well.
  • Better differentiation in the interface between account registration and verification.
  • Notification in Device Control when an action requires a reboot of your operating system.
  • The ability to resend  the account verification code in case the user doesn't receive the email.
  • Complete backup for all OEM drivers to ease reinstall of your operating system.
  • The ability to generate reports of the collected driver information.

You will probably have some ideas yourself about what should be added to or changed in Driver Fusion. Please let us know so that we can give you your desired functionality in the new releases. It can be as easy as making a Tweet or writing on our Facebook wall. If you need a more elaborate platform to present your grand ideas then you can of course also email us or create a post on the Treexy forum.

Thanks again for all your support and don't forget the 25% off Driver Fusion coupon which can only be used on 100 orders (there are still some left)!

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