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Disable automatic driver updates in Windows 10

One of the most frequently heard complaints about Microsoft's Windows 10 is the forced download and installation of driver updates through Windows Update. In previous versions of Windows you were presented with a list of (driver) updates and could uncheck an update if you wanted to. While this change might seem useful for users that never update their drivers, there are several reasons why you do not want Microsoft to control the drivers that are installed on your computer, such as:

  • You want to use an older driver because it works better.
  • You have software installed that relies on another driver.
  • You encountered system problems caused by the driver from Windows Update.
  • You have a newer driver than the driver provided through Windows Update.

Because all driver updates are enforced by Microsoft, you cannot roll back to a previous version as Windows Update will download and install the driver again.

With Driver Fusion you can disable automatic and mandatory driver updates in Windows 10. This feature also works in Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. Once you have opened Driver Fusion, go to the settings 1 and select the advanced settings 2. You can then change how Windows driver updates are installed by changing the setting in 3 to Never install driver software from Windows Update 4. After you have changed this setting you will have to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Disable automatic updates
Changing how Windows driver updates are installed.

Unfortunately, some driver updates that are already discovered by Windows Update might still be installed after this change. This does not happen on every computer and you only need to continue with this guide in case a driver is still being installed without your consent. In order to prevent such drivers from being installed you can download the Show or hide updates troubleshooter package from Microsoft.

Show or hide updates
Using the show or hide updates troubleshooter from Microsoft.

Once you have opened the troubleshooter, select Advanced 1, make sure Apply repairs automatically is checked 2 and select Next. The next screen will ask you if you want to Hide updates or Show hidden updates. You should select the Hide updates 3, unless you want to undo an update that you have hidden. The troubleshooter will now scan your computer for available updates and show you a list of updates that can be hidden 4. Make sure that you only select driver updates and ignore all regular Windows updates. Even though the troubleshooter can hide these updates as well, we do not recommend this as regular updates often contain software and security fixes. Once you have selected the driver updates that you want to hide, click on Next and then Close. Even though it is not necessary for most computers, we recommend you to restart your computer. Future updates that are added to Windows Update should be hidden automatically by the change made in Driver Fusion.

Driver Fusion is now ad free

If you have downloaded the free version of Driver Fusion recently then you might have seen some third party advertisements in our installer. For the last couple of years we have been working on making Driver Fusion the best device and driver solution there is. Every now and then we try some ideas to help with the cost of developing and maintaining Driver Fusion for all our users. Ever since we launched Driver Fusion we received numerous offers from advertising networks to include third party advertisements in our installers. Because installers with third party advertisements had become the norm, even for companies like Adobe, we opted to include this in the Driver Fusion installer as well.

The advertising network we picked focused on popular software, such as Google Chrome, Opera Browser and AVG Internet Security, when we first started to include these third party advertisements. After a while though, the focus changed to browser addons and other questionable software. We were always quick to disable these but as there is no way to verify them in advance, they were always shown to you at least some time. We always felt that the third party advertisements compromised the user experience and after receiving yet another email about some questional software being installed, we decided to remove the third party advertisements completely. Starting today, with the release of Driver Fusion 3.1, there will no longer be third party advertisements shown in the installer.

Driver Fusion Premium free giveaway winners

The contest has come to an end and the four winners have been randomly picked. A lot of people participated which is really great. Because of the success of this contest we'll definitely do so more contests in the future so make sure to keep track of the latest Treexy announcements ;)

As mentioned the winners will be notified privately through Facebook or Twitter BUT as it turns out Facebook doesn't allow company pages to contact people who liked the page through private message (only possible through regular user accounts) so this required some ingenious workaround: All welcome mister Treexy D. Liver. We used the Treexy D. Liver account to notify the winners so be sure to accept the friend request when you have disabled messaging in Facebook! Although the account name provided a small creative outlet we are still looking for a better (but still potentially private) alternative for future contests because a fake Facebook user account isn't really our style.

Thank you all for participating!

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