Founding of Treexy

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Treexy was founded this month, 2 July 2012 to be exact. Registered by the chamber of commerce and everything. From now on we will be dedicated to making software for you to maintain and enhance your daily technology experiences.

A brand new website has been designed to provide free downloads of multiple useful applications. Our first application will be Driver Fusion, the successor to the well-known Driver Sweeper. Driver Fusion has great new features for your system. You'll get all functionality of Driver Sweeper, but better and more.The official announcement of Driver Fusion will follow later this week.

We strive to establish a close connection with our community by using social media such as:
- Twitter
- Facebook

Treexy is also available through other platforms that allow a closer communication:
- Tumblr
- The Treexy Forum

Please take a moment to take a look at these communication channels. Follow Treexy to stay in touch and keep track of the latest news, updates and events (such as discounts).

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