Driver Fusion Premium free giveaway winners

The contest has come to an end and the four winners have been randomly picked. A lot of people participated which is really great. Because of the success of this contest we'll definitely do so more contests in the future so make sure to keep track of the latest Treexy announcements ;)

As mentioned the winners will be notified privately through Facebook or Twitter BUT as it turns out Facebook doesn't allow company pages to contact people who liked the page through private message (only possible through regular user accounts) so this required some ingenious workaround: All welcome mister Treexy D. Liver. We used the Treexy D. Liver account to notify the winners so be sure to accept the friend request when you have disabled messaging in Facebook! Although the account name provided a small creative outlet we are still looking for a better (but still potentially private) alternative for future contests because a fake Facebook user account isn't really our style.

Thank you all for participating!

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