Driver Fusion is now ad free

If you have downloaded the free version of Driver Fusion recently then you might have seen some third party advertisements in our installer. For the last couple of years we have been working on making Driver Fusion the best device and driver solution there is. Every now and then we try some ideas to help with the cost of developing and maintaining Driver Fusion for all our users. Ever since we launched Driver Fusion we received numerous offers from advertising networks to include third party advertisements in our installers. Because installers with third party advertisements had become the norm, even for companies like Adobe, we opted to include this in the Driver Fusion installer as well.

The advertising network we picked focused on popular software, such as Google Chrome, Opera Browser and AVG Internet Security, when we first started to include these third party advertisements. After a while though, the focus changed to browser addons and other questionable software. We were always quick to disable these but as there is no way to verify them in advance, they were always shown to you at least some time. We always felt that the third party advertisements compromised the user experience and after receiving yet another email about some questional software being installed, we decided to remove the third party advertisements completely. Starting today, with the release of Driver Fusion 3.1, there will no longer be third party advertisements shown in the installer.

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