Treexy is focused on creating innovative products and ensuring a high level of satisfaction among our customers. Discover more information about our past, future and current goals.

In the beginning there was Treexy

Treexy stands for smart software which helps to enhance your digital environment in everyday use. The company was founded in the year 2012 by S.E. Heitmeijer and M. Jillings and is located in The Netherlands. The idea to start a company originated when the founders were both following the master study Software Engineering and Distributed Systems in Computing Science at the University of Groningen.

In the course of the master study, and the bachelor study before that, a lot of products were developed for personal use and even more ideas were gathered. Since all products were used on a regular basis, the idea was formed to share these products online. As the knowledge and experience grew so did the understanding that, by combining and enhancing these simple yet effective products, a range of new products could be developed that could sustain a company.

Our current goals

As a young company we are looking to learn and evolve. By establishing a basic range of products, providing services and providing support, a solid foundation can be laid. This foundation provides us with the basic platforms, such as user interaction, user registration, product activation, and update deployment. These platforms allow us to more easily develop, maintain and enhance our current and future products.

The internet and all new developments emerging today allow for a much closer collaboration with people. As Treexy we would like to find a way to communicate efficiently with our users to provide better functionality. These communications will provide us with the knowledge and resources to do actual commissioned assignments in the future.

What we dream of

We would like to become a known company for the development of innovative, unique and usable products tailored to the demands of its users. We do not want to be another software company that only provides a few single complex and dedicated software products and lives of the support that it provides. We want to be a company where people actually can, and feel free to ask for what they want.

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