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Omnify Hotspot 1.1

June 20

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Omnify Hotspot 1.1 today. With this release, we've improved various areas based on your feedback. Please send your comments and suggestions to us, we like to read and use them!


You should see an improved network throughput performance and reduced latency and CPU usage thanks to a lot of additional optimizations.

DHCP server

Omnify Hotspot is now using its own built-in DHCP server instead of using Windows to give out IP addresses. This allows greater control over the assigned IP addresses to ensure that devices keep the same IP address after a reconnect.

Hotspot & repeater starting time

The used network adapters are now remembered to greatly speed up starting a hotspot or repeater after the application starts. In our testing, starting a hotspot or repeater is now typically done within 5 seconds, whereas it could previously take as much as 30 seconds. It's still necessary to detect the correct network adapters after you've changed a network adapter.

What else?

We've added a warning when you're connected to a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network and the issues that you've reported have all been fixed.

Omnify Hotspot has launched

March 20

It's time to celebrate! After a long time of development, we're really excited to unveil our brand new product Omnify Hotspot!

Omnify Hotspot is a virtual router to turn your PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot & repeater. The feature set is extensive and includes bridge mode, network traffic monitoring and an advertisement blocker. It's convenient, easy to use and light on system resources. In addition, even more features are planned.

You can download it now from our website.
Fancy more features? You can get a license in our shop.

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